About Us

“With successful operations in over 20 countries and territories DigitalWorld can provide you with the data you need when you need it.”

DigitalWorld Mapping Inc. is an employee owned company, formed in July of 2004.  Based in Calgary, Canada, we operate world-wide with affiliates in the continental USA, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. DigitalWorld Mapping Inc. specializes in high accuracy, high resolution LiDAR acquisition and processing.  We have delivered exceptional results in virtually every type of terrain and project-type on behalf of clients from a diverse range of industries.

DigitalWorld Mapping Inc. has extensive experience in the application of aerial LiDAR survey methodologies.  Since our inception we have developed multiple LiDAR systems, proprietary software and operational methods.  DigitalWorld Mapping Inc.’s LiDAR systems are some of the most advanced systems available in the remote sensing industry and have successfully acquired project areas with sizes ranging from a few acres to thousands of square miles.

DigitalWorld Mapping Inc. consistently delivers data sets that meet or exceed client specifications and expectations.

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