Morgan Steeves


Morgan Steeves committed his future to the Oil and Gas industry with summer work while continuing his studies in Industrial Electronics Technology at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. The ensuing years provided him with a unique perspective of the O&G industry as both employee and entrepreneur. Then, in 2004, with an unusual business plan and the support of other key individuals, DigitalWorld Mapping was launched. The continued success of this venture is testament to the abilities of all of the staff at DigitalWorld and their desire to provide superior products and service to an expanding international clientele.

“After almost 11 years as Co-Founder and President at DigitalWorld Mapping, inc. negotiations are underway to divest my shares and directorship of the Company. It has been a rewarding experience to participate in the start-up and growth of a technology driven business with a group of dedicated professionals.  I truly wish them continued success as their company continues to evolve.”